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The Knotty Brush


The Knotty Brush

Is a dual bristle brush. the shorter bristle is for shine. This bristle evenly distributes your natural oils down along your hair shaft. The longer bristle is very soft and flexible so it can move through your hair without causing friction or damage. Everyone can use the Knotty brush as it’s been designed with a gentle approach to brushing and detangling.

The Benefits to a Big Feckin Shower comb

Wide spaces between the teeth make it easier to detangle, after applying your conditioner, gently use your fingers to divide your hair in half. Start at the bottom of your hair and gently work upwards while holding your hair so that you’re not applying to much force.  When you use a wide tooth comb there’s a lot less friction compared to a comb with smaller spaces between the teeth. The more friction that’s applied to the hair will result in breakage and split ends and we want you to have healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

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